When: Saturday, November 10, 2018
Where: Goodman Pavilion, Camp Horseshoe

The Brotherhood Blitz is an opportunity for an eligible Ordeal member to complete Brotherhood in one afternoon, outside of a lodge weekend. There is no cost… it is
FREE! However, your dues must be current (paid for 2019 or later).

If you took the Ordeal in 2017 or before, then you are eligible to “seal your membership” at the Brotherhood Blitz. Brothers who took the Ordeal in 2018 are not eligible to
complete Brotherhood until 2019 — ten months must have elapsed since the Ordeal to be eligible for Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood Blitz “publicity flier and FAQ” has all the details about this event.

Interested Ordeal members should download all the following documents to be ready for the Brotherhood Blitz… the pace is fast… it is essential to “Be Prepared.”

1. Journey’s End (aka “Welcome to the Brotherhood Blitz”) letter
2. Spirit of the Arrow Booklet 8
3. How to Prepare for the Brotherhood Blitz Sheet
4. Brotherhood Questions & Answers Sheet ( password protected )
5. Brotherhood Letter to the Lodge Form ( fillable PDF )
6. Brotherhood Totem Sheet
7. Brotherhood Blitz Schedule

The letter form is for your convenience, it is not required. If you choose to use it, you must print a copy, sign it, and turn it in at the Brotherhood Blitz — do not e-mail it.
Alternatively, you can use your favorite word processor, or a pen, to write your letter in the traditional manner.

The password for the Brotherhood Question & Answer Sheet is the fifth word of the title on page 11 of the 2015 edition of the Order of the Arrow Handbook; it is on page 10 in
earlier editions.

Do not be intimidated… Brotherhood is not difficult… it is about choosing to learn more about the Order of the Arrow and understanding all the opportunities available within the

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