Dear Brothers,

We have updated the September Ordeal weekend registration and are happy to provide details. The Ordeal weekend will be from Friday September 25th to Saturday September 26th, 2020 at Camp John H. Ware 3rd.

The Ordeal weekend can accommodate a maximum of 50 Ordeal candidates and 100 Order of the Arrow members, so registration is limited.  Please note that in the registration link provided below, there are 3 different options – Ordeal Candidate, Essential Personnel, and OA Member.  Please ensure you select the correct option.  Essential Personnel are those OA members required to conduct the Ordeal weekend, including fire circle crew, ceremonialists, Elangomats, food service, and lodge leadership (steering committee members).  Registration is capped for each option. IT IS CRITICAL THAT EVERYONE WHO ATTENDS REGISTERS AHEAD OF TIME SO THAT WE GET AN ACCURATE COUNT – Even those who did Pay to Play. 

Register here.

The registration deadline is 9/18.

The Ordeal weekend will start Friday night at 6 pm and conclude by 5 pm Saturday after the Ordeal induction process is complete. All weekend activities will be conducted at Camp John H. Ware 3rd. Please consider bringing a tent with you as adirondack space is going to be limited. Please ensure you bring a completed BSA medical form and the completed waiver form that was sent out in a 7/15 email to members.

In accordance with local and BSA guidelines, we will be following all COVID-19 precautions including social distancing and wearing of face masks.  There will be specific sleeping locations for OA members for Friday night. Food service for OA members who attend will be conducted Friday night (snack), Saturday breakfast, and Saturday lunch. Please ensure you bring proper PPE (facemasks and hand sanitizer) to the weekend if you wish to attend.  Safety is our utmost concern and while we are ensuring that all precautions are being addressed, any member who does not feel comfortable should not feel compelled to register for the weekend. Also, if you are feeling sick, please do not attend the weekend.  

Thank you for your understanding these past long months while things have been on hiatus, and we look forward to seeing many of you at this Ordeal weekend or in future Octoraro outings in the months ahead.  

Octoraro 22

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