Coming up in 2016, there is a unique opportunity to get some top-notch training from the section, regional and national leadership!

#LEAD is a training event being hosted by Sections NE-6A and NE-6B, featuring Arrowmen from all over the 8 lodges in the 2 sections – Kitatinny 5, Sasquesahanough 11, Nentico 12, Nentego 20, Octoraro 22, Wunita Gokhos 12, Guneukitschik 317 and Amangamek-Wipit 470.

The event will be on January 23rd, 2016 (weather date: January 30th) at the Carroll County Community College (click here for directions).

The event cost is FREE to the first 50 Arrowmen who signup. For those who want to travel by bus with the contingent, there is a $15 fee per person. Information about bus travel is in the registration link below.

Register here!

Below are the listing of the various tracks that you can attend when you register (click READ MORE):  There is something for everyone!

Chief Track

How do I make the lodge better?
This track focuses on the Lodge Partnership Program. This will entail the 8 lodge chiefs sharing the strengths and weaknesses of their respective lodges, and working together to come up with plans to make their lodges better.

How do I take a step back?
In this session, the lodge chiefs will learn how to properly delegate jobs to the correct officers and chairmen in the lodge. It will also center on recognizing and encouraging different styles of leadership.

Don’t lose your arrow!
Focusing on exactly what to bring up at a Council of Chiefs meeting can be daunting, and this training will equip chiefs with the skills to know what to discuss at a COC, when to bring it up, and how to convey the important details.

Firm bound in brotherhood
Being chief is exciting! But as chief, it is necessary to take a step back and remember the purpose of the Order. This session focuses on the basics of the OA, how to get back to them, and how to make the lodge better at a fundamental level

Lodge & Chapter Officer Track

What does it mean to be an officer?
This session will focus on the basics of what it means to be a lodge or chapter officer. Looking at the fundamental level of the lodge and chapter leadership will give a clear definition of the role of lodge officers to the basic operation of the lodge and chapter.

Who does what?
Now that you know what it fundamentally means to be a lodge or chapter officer, you have to know what your job is! This session ensures that lodge and chapter officers know what their job is, who they report to, and how to get things done in their respective areas.

How do I lead a committee?
Now that you know what your job is, you have to know how to get that job done! The easiest way to get a large quantity of quality work done in the lodge and chapter is to form a committee! This session centers on forming a committee, assigning responsibilities to committee members, and checking in to make sure that work is being completed.

Don’t lose your arrow!
Committees do hard work and you want to be able to present that work at the Lodge Executive Committee meeting! But doing this can be confusing and overwhelming sometimes. This session equips officers with the skills to present their work in a complete and concise fashion, as well as the skills to take feedback to make their projects even better.

The man with the plan
As an officer, you have ideas and plans for the future of the lodge and chapter. This sessions gives officers the skills to develop a vision for their lodge and chapter, pursue it, and achieve it.

Ceremonies Track

Why do ceremonies?
Ceremonies is a very important part of our Order, but why do it? This sessions digs to the fundamental level of why arrowmen do ceremonies and the true meaning of the ceremonies.

How do I make my principle believable?
Knowing the fundamental meaning of the ceremonies is important, and conveying that message through words and movements is equally crucial. The session teaches acting skills such as narrating and movements, as well as becoming your principle to make yourself believable.

How do I help the Boys in Blue?
Crossovers are the first impression that Cub Scouts receive of the Order of the Arrow. This session stresses the importance of setting up crossover ceremonies for packs, as well as putting on superb crossovers and facilitating positive relationships between chapters and lodges and packs.

How do I make region specific regalia?
Accurate regalia is a goal all chapter and lodge ceremonies team should strive for. This session examines the details of Mid-Atlantic specific regalia and informs on how to construct and care for this type of regalia.

Practice makes perfect!
Without practice, your ceremonies team will not be remotely equipped to deliver excellent ceremonies. This session informs why practice is so important, in addition to when, where, and how to practice in the months leading up to your inductions weekends.

New Arrowmen

What is the Order of the Arrow?
This session will look at the fundamentals of the Order of the Arrow, its basic principles and ideals, opportunities for leadership, and the breakdown of the chapter, lodge, and national leadership of the Order of the Arrow.

What is OAHA?
Acronyms are fun, but you have to know what they stand for! This session focuses on the incredible Order of the Arrow High Adventure program, its different bases, and how to sign up for the next available crew.

You got flaps?
Patch trading is a staple of the Boy Scouts, and even more so in the Order! This session teaches what to look for in a good patch, how to make a good trade, and how to maintain your collection.

OA history
The OA just turned 100, but where did we come from? This session focuses on the beginning of the Order, what we’ve done in the past century, and where we can go in the future.

OA jeopardy
We hope you were paying attention today, because this is the quiz on the material! Arrowmen will be able to test their newly obtained knowledge of the Order for a chance to win some OA swag.

Logistics Adviser

What are lodge logistics?
You’re a logistics adviser, but what does that mean? This course covers the basics of lodge logistics, all the way from unit elections to awards and honors.

How do I advise a successful unit elections season?
Unit elections are crucial to membership retention in the Order of the Arrow. This session provides insight on how to organize, schedule, and conduct unit elections in the most efficient and effective fashion.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
You have some great people in your lodge, and now it’s time to honor them! This session navigates the in’s and out’s of the unit elections season, and how to make it a joy for anyone advising for it.

A lofty journey
One of the primary goals of the lodge every year is achieving a high Journey to Excellence status. This session explains how to achieve this goal in a hassle-free and manageable fashion.

How do I make and follow a lodge budget?
Without money, not much is going to happen in your lodge. This session teaches how to make a lodge budget, stick with it, and optimize funds so your lodge can do as much as possible with the money it has.

Program Adviser

What is involved in lodge program?
You’re a program adviser, but what does that mean? This session explains that lodge program includes anything from advising events to youth officers.

How do I advise a successful event?
Great events lead to more active arrowmen. This session shows just how to make these excellent events that have arrowmen coming back year after year.

Is that edible?
Your events all need a crucial element: food! This session focuses on putting together a cook crew, maintaining it, and coming up with menus that satisfy every taste.

A lofty journey
One of the primary goals of the lodge every year is achieving a high Journey to Excellence status. This session explains how to achieve this goal in a hassle-free and manageable fashion.

Youth know best!
Youth run organizations can be confusing and limiting to adult advisers at times. This session explains the role that adults can play fostering youth leadership and mentoring the next generations of leaders.

Train the Trainer

What do I do with my hands?
Giving a presentation can be daunting! This session teaches the basics of presenting, how to appear confident in front of your audience, and how to come to your presentation prepared to be organized and ready to teach.

It’s in the syllabus…
The syllabus is the roadmap of your presentation. Constructing a good syllabus leads to excellent presentations, and this sessions explains exactly how to construct a great syllabus.

Story time!
As much as everyone loves to get bombarded by facts, a narrative style presentation allows the audience to connect more with the presenter and learn more. This session focuses on how to make your presentation a well thought out story, and not just a barrage of facts and statements.

Recharging the classics
Sometimes you have to teach the same material at a conclave two years in a row. This session teaches how to go over familiar material in a new, exciting, and informative way.

Make it meaningful
Arrowmen don’t go to presentations to waste time; they want to come away with something! This session focuses on how to make a lasting impression with your audience, and how to leave them with a new perspective going forward.

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