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The following table lists the officers and advisers responsible for the various committees and offices of the Octoraro 22 Lodge Executive Committee.  Also listed are the duties for which each committee or office is responsible. Clicking on the committee name will allow you to email the members of that committee or position. The Lodge Committee meets the first Sunday of each month at 2 pm at the Council Service Center (except for service weekends). Refer to the lodge calendar for specific dates.
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Position Name Description
Lodge Chief John Porter The Chief is the top youth leader of the lodge. He serves as the chairman of the executive committee, appoints committee chairmen, and supervises the work of other officers and committees. He conducts and presides over all regular meetings and activities of the Lodge
Previous Lodge Chief Bevan Watson The immediate past Lodge Chief is an official member of the executive committee. His role is to assist in the transition of leadership and to lend advice and experience to the new administration.
Administrative Vice Chief Ben M. The Administrative Vice Chief is in charge of the following committees: Projects, Troop Representatives , and Unit Elections. He assures that each of his committees follows their specific jobs.
Program Vice Chief Owen Cutler The Program Vice Chief is in charge of the following committees: Native American Affairs, Troop Representative and Fellowship. He assures that each of his committees follows their specific jobs.
Corresponding Secretary Ryan D. The corresponding secretary keeps record of all lodge correspondence. He assumes complete responsibility for the publishing of an interesting and informative newsletter, “WULAMOC”, at least four times a year.
Recording Secretary Nick D. The Recording Secretary keeps precise minutes of all lodge executive committee meetings. He is responsible for keeping the lodge membership records in order and updated, including records of attendance at all lodge functions. He is also responsible for candidate registration at ordeal weekends and for preparing membership cards.
Treasurer Sean W. The Treasurer is responsible for the creation and upkeep of the lodge budget. He is also responsible for keeping an inventory, and for the sale, of all lodge insignia, emblems, and supplies.
Trustees Mark L.
Francis P.



Dave Seace

The board of trustees shall be the custodians of all real property over which the lodge has the use or control. The board shall make the rules and regulations governing the use of this property. The youth and adult trustee positions are currently included in an upcoming bylaw revision.
Lodge Adviser Gus Sauerzopf The Lodge Adviser assists and advises the lodge executive committee and offers suggestions and help as needed to improve the lodge program.
Associate Lodge Advisers

Andrew Coe

Aj DiAntonio

Leslie John 

John McCabe

The Associate Lodge Adviser assists the Lodge Adviser and helps advise the executive committee. He helps advise the adults of their role in the OA.
Staff Lodge Adviser Jake Segal The Lodge Staff Adviser serves as a professional staff adviser and acts as the link between the council and the lodge.
Scout Executive Jeff Spencer The Scout Executive/CEO is the Supreme Chief of the Fire.
Trail Crew

Andrew B.

Leigh Sifford

The Trail Crew Chairman works with the Reservation Rangers in going around the reservation and restoring trails. He organizes workdays throughout the year and works the Reservation Director in working on trails at a wildlife preserve that is adjacent to the reservation, Goat Hills Public Wild Plant Sanctuary.
Projects Jake H.

Stuart Watson

The Projects Committee organizes projects for the lodge weekends in cooperation with the council projects committee and the camp rangers. The committee ensures that Ordeal weekend notices, job lists, and reservation cards are sent out. The committee also organizes lodge membership into work crew with competent adult crew leaders on Ordeal weekends. Coordinates community service projects, and makes sure that the lodge completes enough community service to qualify for Quality Lodge.

Dean W.

Sean W.

Ben Merklee Sr.

This committee is responsible for the upkeep of the website, maintaining the Lodgelist mailing list, keeping track of the radios at the weekends, Committee email list, and also emergency contact for brothers during the weekend.

Katie S.

Zach Ratliff

The LLD (Lodge Leadership Development) committee is responsible for putting together the Lodges annual LLD. They are responsible for finding trainers and putting together the training syllabus for the day.

Bevan W

Jeff Schaefer

This committee is in charge of maintaining all of the lodge costumes for ceremonies and troop use.  For requesting costumes, use this link.  For general costume inquires, click “Costumes” to the left.
Nominations John T.

Matt Candy

The Nominations Committee prepares in advance a slate of candidates for lodge officers and trustees, and prepares “campaign literature” for lodge officer nominees.
Troop Representative Sean D.

Rich Boclair

The Troop Representative Committee creates and maintains an active list of unit troop representatives and promotes the troop representative program. The committee is also responsible of making sure that each troop has a trained Troop Rep. that is receiving information from the Lodge during the Lodge meetings. Troop Reps. Are encouraged to attend the monthly Lodge meetings.

Matt S.

David B.

Tom Bartlett

Steve Carroll

Raul Laguna

The Ordeal Committee is responsible for staging a smooth running Ordeal. The committee secures Elangomats and supervises all aspects of the ordeal process.

Patrick I.

Brian White

The Brotherhood Committee administers the Brotherhood test and verifies that Ordeal members are prepared for the Brotherhood membership in the lodge.
Vigil Honor

John Porter

Tom Murphy

The Vigil Honor Committee is responsible for nominating suitable candidates for the Vigil Honor, organizing an election for these nominees, organizing the call-out ceremony at the Lodge Banquet, and organizing the induction of Vigil Honor members into the lodge.
Ceremonies Sasha C.


Bevan W


Eric Lindsay

Chad Martin

Facilitates the smooth operation of any and all ceremonies, except the Vigil. Ceremonies Committee also coordinates the Dance and Drum Team, as well as responsible for the upkeep and replacement of regalia used at all call-outs, pageants, and ceremonies.
Unit Elections Elena M.

John Ackroyd

The Unit Elections Committee is responsible for contacting and giving all troops the opportunity to hold an election. The committee sees that all elections are performed correctly and the results from elections are recorded and kept on record. The committee also assists in arranging for call-out ceremonies and issues candidate invitation letters.

Padraic Richardson

Sherry Seace

The Conventions Committee promotes all section, regional, and national events. The committee organizes a delegation for the section conclave and national conference.
Camping Promotions Sarah D.



Kyle K.

The Active Camping Committee sponsors council wide programs or projects that will provide more camping. The committee is responsible for maintaining a slideshow or video on council camping and making it available to all units of the council.The Committee is also responsible for keeping, publishing, and distributing an organized up to date booklet/CD showing camping places for troops to use in their camping programs.
Winter Camp Staffing Alec B.



Bill Frazier

The Winter Camp Staffing Committee is responsible for recruiting staff (troops) to attend each winter camp weekend. These staffs will promote a program for the weekend.
Banquet Owen C.



AJ DiAntonio

The Banquet Committee is in charge of the banquet.
Day of Service  Jimmy B.



Chester Darlington

This committee is responsible for organizing a county-wide Day of Service for 2020.
C5 Anthony W.



Melissa Pendill

The Cub Day chairman is responsible for the annual Chester County Council Cub Camporee. The goal of this project is to introduce Cub Scouts to Camping, and to encourage them to invite a friend to join the program as well as Cub Scout retention.
Fellowship Mia C.


Violet P.


Matt Carden

The Fellowship Committee is responsible for creating and administering fellowship events throughout the year.
NOAC 2020 Padraic R.



Sherry Seace

This committee is committed to promoting NOACs and facilitating a lodge contingent to this event. The NOAC 2020 chairman works to prepare the NOAC contingent for the 2020 NOAC.
Food Service Aiden B.



Tom Savoy

The Food Service Manager helps coordinate the food orders update to the order what the weekends menu is and to give an update on kitchen gear and uniform and when it’s need of replacement.

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