Announcing the Horseshoe Scout Reservation Trail Crew Project
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Fellow Scouts and Scouters:

The trail system of the Horseshoe Scout Reservation has served us all well for many years but it is showing its age. Many of the trails need repair and enhancement due to many decades of wear and tear from weather, erosion and scout boots. The Octoraro Lodge in conjunction with Ray Hayden (HSR Reservation Director), his ranger crew and the camping committee has launched an ambitious program to repair and enhance the current trail system; eventually blazing new “environmentally sound” trails which will enable the system to continue to serve our scouts and scouters well into the next century. To complete this herculean task we are seeking the assistance of scout units throughout Chester County, developing an award incentive program to encourage participation. Enclosed is a copy of the HSR Trail Crew Award patch. This is an individual award with the following eligibility criteria:

Twelve (12) hours or more documented trail crew project service (as certified by the camp staff, rangers, campmaster, etc.)
Note: This does not include regular OA service weekends but does include dedicate “work days” for the trail crew project. It may be troop, patrol or individual work (buddy system), winter camp staff project, special troop “work days”, summer camp project, etc.
Bronze, silver and gold bars for each additional four (4) hours of service (total 20 hours for gold bar) – these will fit around the top of the patch similar to a summer camp patch model.
HSR camping committee trail crew scholarship is for those scouts completing the gold bar award (i.e. 20 hours total service). These scouts are eligible to receive a $150 scholarship towards attendance at the OA Philmont or Northern Tier trail crew experience (OA active membership required). It is hoped that these scouts will bring their newly acquired knowledge and expertise back to continue their service to the HSR trial project.
in 2008 the lodge applied for a Grant from the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow that would be directed toward Trail Maintenance and Creation. We have been privileged to receive this Grant in 2010. The Grant will better enable the lodge to work and improve the trails for Scouts, Scouters and Guests. Over the course of this year, the Octoraro Lodge Trail Crew will be having workdays, along with the normal Ordeal weekends, to work on the Trails at the Horseshoe Scout Reservation and Goat Hills Public Wild Plant Sanctuary. The more help that we have, the more beautiful the Trails at Horseshoe, Ware and Goat Hills will become. On the scheduled workdays, lunch will be provided courtesy of the lodge and the Horseshoe Scout Reservation.

For additional information contact:

Trail Crew committee at or 
We sincerely hope that your or your unit will be able to help contribute to this exciting worthwhile project.

Pictures from this project: Trail Crew Pictures

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