To use the OA Lodge for a Weekend, you must comply with what’s stated below. Just to clarify, Winter Camp Staffing includes putting on a program for the weekend.

Service Units must be present at the Friday night Cracker Barrel hosted by the Campmaster (usually in HQ). This meeting provides an excellent opportunity for the OA Service Troop to become acquainted with the troops and packs in camp and to inform them of the program schedule for the weekend. It would also be during the cracker barrel that the Service Troop would offer a Saturday evening campfire (although visiting groups may choose to do their own campfire program).

Saturday programs should focus on scout skills, although this is just a suggestion. Keep in mind that the Horseshoe Scout Reservation is utilized by both Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs and the service unit’s activities should allow for age appropriate levels of participation.

Some suggested programs:

  • Fire building and cooking
  • Personal fitness
  • A theme hike around HSR
  • Rope work, knots and lashing
  • Intra camp Pioneering competitions
  • Tote n Chip
  • Paul Bunyan Woodsman
  • Conservation and Forestry
  • Orienteering
  • Winter sports (hope for snow)
  • Safety in the outdoors
  • Low impact camping
  • Backpacking
  • First Aid
  • Indian Lore
  • Fire Safety

Programs should be well planned and executed. The Horseshoe Scout Reservation Rangers will make every effort to assist you with necessary supplies or equipment. Please provide adequate advanced notice of your needs.

OA Cabin Use Rules and Regulations

  • Only registered members of the Order of the Arrow are permitted to sleep overnight in the building.
  • Units must provide a meaningful service to the camp during the weekend, provide a Saturday program (Ideas Above) and hold a Sunday morning church service. OA service units should also be prepared to conduct a Saturday evening campfire program. OA units will work with the Campmaster to promote the schedule of their program activities to the campers.
  • An OA representative from the unit will attend the Friday night cracker barrel hosted by the campmaster.
  • Service Unit must clean the building prior to leaving.
  • Service Unit must restock firewood.
  • Service Unit must check-out with the Campmaster.

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