As by now you have all heard that the April and June Service weekends have been cancelled. We, as Arrowmen, need to continue to demonstrate Cheerful Service and the promotion of Camping – even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Council is using technology to continue the Scouting Way, offering Merit Badges sessions, training, and other resources by utilizing technology such as Zoom and Google Meet and GoToMeeting.

Here is where we wish to enlist your assistance. Chester County Council will be hosting a Virtual Camporee on April 18th. This Camporee will encourage scouts to camp outside at home, and include competitions, a campfire, etc. I am looking for Youth and Adults to assist in the following areas (*more vital needs at this point):


Opening Program: 2 adults, 2-3 youth

Organize a flag ceremony to be broadcast or played on April 18th. Find someone(s) to do Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, and Scout Law. Find someone to lead a group prayer. Find an inspirational speaker to do a talk (about 10 minutes??). Coordinate this with VC volunteers to go off without a hitch on April 18th.

Fellowship Lunches: 1 adult, 1 youth

Organize and lead a Zoom lunch hour for different groups (SM & ASMs, Cub Leaders, PLC/Youth Leaders, etc.). Moderate the discussion.

*Scout Challenges: 4 adults, 12-16 youth

Organize a Scavenger Hunt, First Aid, a Knot Tying, and a Scout vs Adult Challenge (or more if you’d like). Probably use Kahoots unless you find a better solution. Find existing tests or make up your own. Have 2-3 per challenge to account for different age levels. Run multiple rooms in Zoom all afternoon for these challenges. Tally scores at the end and provide to the VC staff.

*Photo-based Contests: 1-2 adults, 1-2 youth

Help determine rules of each contest: Campsite. Gateway, Pinewood Derby Car Design. Collect photos as they are submitted and get them onto an online voting system. Publish links to voting. Get tallies to VC volunteers between midnight and 6 a.m.

Service to Community: 1 adult, 2 youth

Come up with service ideas to list online. Coordinate any logistics if necessary. Encourage photo and story submissions and share online.

*Social Media Managing: 1-2 adults, 3-4 youth

Help with managing all the channels of our social media platforms before and during the event. Checking for appropriateness, cross-posting, tagging, etc.

*Scout Jeopardy: 3 adults, 6 youth

Help create questions for different ages. Host games as contestants check-in.

Cooking: 2 adults, 2 youth

Still working out but if you have ideas and want to be involved, contact Melissa Pendill.

*Campfire Program: 2 adults, 2-3 youth

Help spread the word to solicit videos of skits and songs from scouts & scouters. Collect videos. Curate a show with the videos. Special guests or any other segment you want to add. Find a video of taps or someone to play taps. Coordinate this with VC volunteers to go off without a hitch on April 18th.

Awards Ceremony: 2 adults, 2 youth

Decide on prizes and how to obtain and distribute them. Receive tallies from other volunteers and create a listing of all winners. Coordinate with people to announce winners (Jeff Spencer, others?). Coordinate a live feed or pre-recorded video of all announcements. Get winners list to someone who can post it online.

*General Tech Help: 1-2 adults, 1-2 youth

Help tying all the parts together and working on the logistics.


Please sign up by using the google link below:

Yours In Scouting,

John Porter – Octoraro Lodge #22 Chief

Gus Sauerzopf – Octoraro Lodge #22 Advisor

Melissa Pendill – Octoraro Lodge Brother and Octoraro District Executive

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